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Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

Many breeders will whelp out their litter in a plastic kiddie swimming pool.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Per the side link, dogs with low OFA scores and/or hip displasia can be directly linked to being raise on slick surfaces. Make sure there are textured surfaces under the pups to aid in their traction and reduce strain on their weak and growing bones.

Whelping is a very exciting and challenging time for all involved.  Everyone wants to watch and the handler feels a need to get more involved than they should.  The more "outsider" involvement, the more anxious the dam will become.  The more anxious the dam, whelping can quickly go wrong.  An anxious Dam will more aggressively chew off the umbilical cord sometimes causing pups to have hernias.  The dam may lay on previously delivered pups, etc.  The dam may also try to re-locate their pups away from all involved by picking up the pup in their mouth and begin whining with hopes of getting out of the stressful situation.  Only 1 handler should be involved when needed and all others must stay back, quietly watching.   Below are some links to youtube videos showing the proper way to assist in whelping out the litter.

The whelping box is