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Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

Can't get the Drop Cam to function so have to order another.  Will post video updates on our Kennel Facebook page


Cuppa learning to "Mount Up"

First Hunting trip at 5 months old

Wing/Hold training at 15 weeks old

I started Cuppa on wings at about 6 weeks teaching her to hold her position.  If she charged, the wing took flight, but if she held her position she got a "click" and a treat.  At 8 weeks I took her into the tall grass and created a wing trail and hid it in the tall grass.  She followed Coffee's lead with nose on ground and honored Coffee's point!  I put her on live birds (quail) the following weekend and had no problem with the flush, gun, or retrieving.  This video was created to show her intensity even though I didn't work her on wings after about 3 months old.

"Cuppa's" First Ride

"Cuppa" helping me scratch "BREw"

Drop Cam won't load.  Sorry.  Ordered a new one.