First Hunting trip at 5 months old

"Cuppa's" First Ride

"Cuppa" helping me scratch "BREw"

Drop Cam won't load.  Sorry.  Ordered a new one.

Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

Can't get the Drop Cam to function so have to order another.  Will post video updates on our Kennel Facebook page

Cuppa learning to "Mount Up"

Wing/Hold training at 15 weeks old

I started Cuppa on wings at about 6 weeks teaching her to hold her position.  If she charged, the wing took flight, but if she held her position she got a "click" and a treat.  At 8 weeks I took her into the tall grass and created a wing trail and hid it in the tall grass.  She followed Coffee's lead with nose on ground and honored Coffee's point!  I put her on live birds (quail) the following weekend and had no problem with the flush, gun, or retrieving.  This video was created to show her intensity even though I didn't work her on wings after about 3 months old.


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