AFC/FC DC/TC Sageflyer Gorta's Ranger


In 2015, after Coffee's 2nd litter, I started researching available studs for Coffee's third and final litter.  Coffee's first two litters were out of some very impressive, strong Championship FC studs.  But, for her 3rd and final litter, I wanted to find a stud to compliment Coffee's high intelligence, communication abilities, and her ease of handling multi-disciplines....afterall, it's been my intent from the very start to create hunting/service dogs for our disable vets.  I didn't care if I had to ship Coffee across the country....I wanted to find her the best!

Having difficulties in finding what I was looking for in a stud, I placed a "wish list" out on my kennel facebook page:  "Seeking a GSP stud with proven multi-discipline championships, with high intelligence, companionship/partnership dedicated, with highest level of health certificates and clearances...preferably white/liver, but color not as important as brains."  People said I'd never find him and it was just a very sweet dream.  Then I got a response from a friend of Rangers owner....and his accomplishments blew me away!  Not only did Ranger succeed in all my qualifications, he is located in my same State of Washington!  Ranger is owned by Geri Orta in Snohomish Washington.  What she has accomplished with Ranger is truly amazing.

Ranger is the first and only GSP to achieve a Triple Championship!!!  Do you know how difficult it is just to get a Dual difficult that AKC lowered the standards so it wasn't completely out of reach.  But to obtain a Triple Championship is incredibly tough!

Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

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