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Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

Since I don't know what careers my pups will have, I expose them to everything I can think of...hunting, showring, agility, search & rescue????  

Bringing life into this world is a huge responsibility and one I take seriously.  Not only is it imperative in my breeding program to breed to the best I can, it's almost more important to me that I give my puppies the best start in life I can give.  Learning from personal experience, natural instincts, and choosing techniques from great trainers, my puppy program gives my pups an advantage over every other litter out there and my pups will not end up in shelters.  They are raised in a "People Pack" with rules from the very start as you will see in the following video compilations:


In the wild, pups will naturally leave their nest to do their toileting.  This keeps the nest sanitary when the pups are too old for the dam to clean them up.  I build on this natural instinct by first creating a nest and toileting area within the whelping box, and as they age they are taught that your house is now the nest and all toileting is done outside

Imprinting horses at birth is now a standard practice in the equine industry.  Why not imprint pups as well for ease of handling?  I offer pleasure of massage in their training program.  They find it SO enjoyable, they will do anything I ask of them in order to receive this human gift.

What good is a hunting dog if they don't enjoy water?  Water is good...water is FUN!

GSP's are a very enthusiastic breed to say the manners and obedience are very, very important.  Since I breed for multi-discipline/intelligence, I want them thinking and learning as early as I can gain access to them.  If you don't have control of a GSP...your life will be me on that one.

Crate training starts from day one.  In order for the pups to join a people pack, it's very important that they are comfortable, and even seek out the crate for their own personal space and safety