Horses are imprinted from birth for ease of handling as they go.  My puppies are imprinted from the first day Coffee is willing to let me handle them.  They get nightly massages and learn to patiently wait for their turn.  One of the "perks" in doing this, I (humans) become alphas/pack leaders and not only protect them, but are a vital source of pleasure and reward.  My pups get their little fishhook nails files, clipped and dremmeled on a weekly basis.  They are exposed to agility type equipment with varying surfaces and equipment stability.  Following the military method for creating super dogs, I will also be incorporating search and rescue type activities to include hanging from a sling.  By 4 weeks old, my puppies know both verbal and hand signals for sit, stay, and here.  By the time they are ready for their new families, they are piddle pad trained, doggie door trained (basically house broken), kennel/crate trained, collar/leash exposure, and of course clicker trained.  The search and rescue portion of their exposure will include focusing on their nose work by searching for their meals.  GSP's are some of the most amazing dogs I have ever worked with.  These puppies are heads above the rest when it comes to basic training and can go in ANY or multiple directions depending on your needs.

The Nursery

I watched several videos on GSP puppies for sale.  90% of the videos have the puppies in a boring room (usually the laundry room) with absolutely nothing for them to do but walk around and whine.  My nursery changes daily with new obstacles and challenges to stimulate all senses. 

Starting the pups out correctly and early for a lifetime of service/enjoyment to us humans is very important to me.  A really good dog doesn't end up in a shelter and a really good dog doesn't get passed from one owner to the next.  By me completing the ground work for you and helping you to train them,  hopefully the bonding between the pup and new owner will be an unbreakable one.

Breve' at 2.5 weeks leaving the nest to do her business. 

Cuppa-Cino learning "here" at 2.5 weeks old.

This is Walt at 6 days old getting his nightly massage. 

Agility obstacles training -3.5 to 4 weeks old

ET at 2 weeks taking advantage of a split nest/piddle pad whelping box.

ET at 5 weeks old.  This is the result of imprinting from birth

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Walt at 4 weeks, sit, stay, here, sit!

Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

This is Angel at 12 days old getting her nightly massage and her nails trimmed.

Cuppa-Cino at 3 weeks old, sitting on command