Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

What a litter.  Bred for excellent bone structure, highest health clearances, intelligence, multi-disciplined capabilities, and raised to become your "Once in a lifetime" canine partner!  Pictures forthcoming of the Cuppa/Stryder Dec/2018 Litter 

I like it when they figure things out on their own. Especially when they're only 3 weeks old! In the wild, puppies will naturally exit the cave/nest to do their business when their business gets too big for momma to clean it all up. So I put in a ramp to stimulate their natural instinct to keep the nest clean. Eventually since the pups will get too big for a split box, the entire whelp box will be the sleeping area while toileting is completed after going down the ramp. Two verbal commands are used here...."go potty" and "go to bed".

Success!  Didn't get lost & panic, came back to the ramp on her own!


I try to imprint them (get the accustom to) everything I can think a new owner would expose them to.  Loving water, getting blow dried for that important show...may not be on everyones agenda, but it may be on some.  Making water a normal life experience from early on, makes for an awesome duck/geese hunting dog for those important water retrieves.

Learning to go down and find their way

back up.  Assistance is required to show

them the ropes.

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Horse are imprinted from birth for ease of handling.  So are my pups.  They are exposed to military style superdog training, handling of mouth ears, feet and body.  I train them to lay on their back for trimming toe nails so you don't have to wrestle them for maintenance.