This is a story the Native Americans tell of Creation

Man used to live as equals among the animals. Until one day, at Coyote's prompting, man became greedy and began asserting his power over the animals. The animals went to the Creator and sought guidance. Eventually the Creator saw that man would not change without an opportunity to see his mistakes. The Creator caused an earthquake to create a divide between man and the animal kingdom. Only, at the last minute of separation, as man begged for forgiveness, Horse and Dog leaped over the expanding chasm forever joining our Souls. Horse and Dog then became our loyal servants, humble, and patiently waiting for the day to come when man would realize they are our Guides from beyond.

It's time....

This exciting new venture will be challenging, but if I can pull it off, this will open up so many indoor & outdoor possibilities for wheelchair bound or people in need.  Wish me luck!

Jäger Träumen Kennels

Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

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Taylors Royal Blend and Foxgloves Making A Buck

Equine/Service/Hunting "Coffee"

& NGDC/FC/AFC  "George"

Creating Quality & Intelligent Service German Shorthaired Pointers and Equine teams for disabled hunters.

"A service/hunting dog to do your bidding and a service/working equitation trained horse for legs"

When your disabilities say you can't but your desires say you will!

That's how Heros are created! 

Here's your opportunity to create your own "Hero"!

Annual GSP litters Available.

Next Litter planned for July 2015

Inspired by my service/hunting GSP "Coffee" & my service trained Quarab gelding "Sticks" I've decided to take on the financial and public plunge to start a puppy and a foal from birth and train them specifically as an assistance/service hunting team with the sole purpose to prove what I know first hand is possible.

Malia Rose and Go Roc Em

Produced 2014 Filly


born June 8, 2014

(pictured at 1/2 hour old)

My First Service/Hunting Canine/Equine Team Bedisle Roc Em (QH Filly) &

JT's Cuppa Java (GSP Female)

Keep watching as this team develops together to become the first team of their kind!