As Coffee retrieved a toy and then a bird to saddle, it gave me an idea to get physically challenged hunters (primarily veterans) back into the field so they too could enjoy upland bird hunting... or maybe just get out on the trails with a team trained to take care of them. I may have my own physical limitations but with my teams, I am able to accomplish anything I desire with their assistance. My horse can detect my heart problems and respond accordingly.  My dogs can go get help if need be.  I can hit the trails knowing that I will be well taken care of.  GSP's and Quarter Horses are some of the most versatile (in my opinion) critters I have come to know in my 50+ years of co-existence.  The intelligence of either have been well documented by achieving many "tricks" which are easily converted to assistance possibilities.  By creating a herd/pack  team, we are one and take care of each other.  Their assistance to us is only limited to our imagination and the time we're willing to spend with them.  What do YOU need?  What do you want?  What can YOU create to make your life easier?

Bedisle Roc Em aka"BREw"


Dam: Malia Rose aka "Lia"

Sire:  Go Roc Em

Foaled:  June 8, 2014

Pictured at 1 month old

JT's Cuppa Java aka "Cuppa"

AKC German Shorthaired Pointer

Dam:  Taylors Royal Blend aka "Coffee"

Sire:  Foxglove's Making A Buck aka "George"

Whelped:  May 8, 2014

Pictured at 2 months old

Inspired by my service/hunting GSP "Coffee" & my service trained Quarab gelding "Sticks" I've decided to take on the financial and public plunge to start a puppy and a foal from birth and train them specifically as an assistance/service hunting team with the sole purpose to prove what I know first hand is possible.  Go to the WEBCAM tab to watch 24/7 webcam, videos and pictures of our puppies and/or progress.

Cuppa - 8 weeks, Brew 4 weeks

My First Service/Hunting Canine/Equine Team

When your disabilities say you can't but your desires say you will!

That's how Heros are created! Follow us while I create mine!  Purchase a puppy, and I'll help you create yours!

Next planned litter, mid/late 2016

Creating Quality & Intelligent Service German Shorthaired Pointers and Equine teams for physically challenged hunters.

"A service/hunting dog to do your bidding and a service/working equitation trained horse for legs"

This exciting new venture will be challenging, but if I can pull it off, this will open up so many indoor & outdoor possibilities for wheelchair bound or people in need.  Wish me luck!

Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

Jäger Träumen Kennels

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