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Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan

Jäger Träumen Kennels

Bedisle Roc Em aka"BREw"


Dam: Malia Rose aka "Lia"

Sire:  Go Roc Em

Foaled:  June 8, 2014

Pictured at 1 month old

JT's Cuppa Java aka "Cuppa"

AKC German Shorthaired Pointer

Dam:  Taylors Royal Blend aka "Coffee"

Sire:  Foxglove's Making A Buck aka "George"

Whelped:  May 8, 2014

Pictured at 2 months old

Coffee...what an amazing dog.  There are no titles available for what she does.  Yes, she hunts, and she's very good at it...but she is also my Service Dog for both in-house, outdoors, my construction helper, and my wilderness survival dog.  Her performance isn't what makes her so's her ability to communicate and her intelligence that consistently blows me away.  My breeding program revolves around these incredible attributes of this perfectly engineered breed.  Coffee has had 3 litters and has now passed on that responsibility to Cuppa.  Cuppa, like her dam, is an incredible personal hunter, a service dog, and in continuous training for Search and Rescue duties.  

Cuppa - 8 weeks, Brew 4 weeks

My First Service/Hunting Canine/Equine Team

Creating Hunting/Service dogs for those previously unable to get out to hunt.  We create Hunting/Search and Rescue dogs, utilizing that perfect nose and drive.  

We create partners, not pets!

We are in the process of relocating to Wyoming, setting up on a 360+ acre ranch.  We will be raising game birds  and concentrating on training my equine/canine teams.

Cuppa was covered by Nuggie with an anticipated whelp date of March 2nd!

Have you experienced your "Once in a lifetime Dog?"  Here's your chance to create yours!  GSP's, what can't they do?