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Dec 2018 Litter - Reserved Males

1.  Potential Reserved for Geri

2.  Cher Olsen

3.  J&L Morgan

4.  K. Lunger


Puppies instinctively know how to be a dog in a dog pack, but domesticated pups won't live in a dog pack, they will live in a "people pack" and "people packs" have their own set of rules.  My pups first 8 weeks are spent encouraging these foundational attributes.   I believe that their first 8 weeks of life are the most important for instilling rules, increasing their intelligence,  and molding inseparable relationships with humans.

I not only breed for a healthy, impressive and proven lineage, I breed for and encourage my pups for the intelligence and the proven multi-discipline ease this breed is fully capable of achieving.  My GSP's have proven to me that GSP's aren't just for hunting anymore! 

My girls hunt...they're GSP's!  But they also have jobs in my people pack such as service, survival, health monitoring and many other tasks. 

The intelligence is there!  The ability is there!  The desire is there!​​

My main focus is developing service/hunting dogs for mobility challenged hunters.

Cuppa/Stryder litter is on the ground as of 12/5/18!  All 11 of them! 

Puppy pick order is based on date deposit is received 

Cuppa - 8 weeks, Brew 4 weeks

My First Service/Hunting Canine/Equine Team

Have you experienced your "Once in a lifetime Dog?"  Here's your chance to create yours!  

Dec 2018 Litter - Reserved Females

1.  Potential Reserved for Geri 

2.  Jan Torkelson

3.  G Sorenson

4.  D. Percival

5.  Mark White


​* = Deposit Received


Dream Big & Dare To Fail - Col Norman Vaughan